Jens, the owner of this domain has 50 years of experience as a travel writer, managing a travel club and the first and most famous TravelCompanionExchange (like a 'Dating Service for Travelers').
He wrote and self-published several books on "How To Fly For Less", the "Air Travel & Charter Flight Handbook" and "1001 Sources for FREE Travel Information". This was well before the Internet and search engines like Google.
His books sold over 120,000 copies. Copies in public libraries were often quickly stolen.

Jens Jurgen also wrote a best-selling booklet "Foiling Pickpockets & Other Travel-Related Scams". His trade-marked travel newsletter "TravelCompanions", published until 2003, was praised in newspaper travel sections as one of the best consumer-oriented travel publications at the time.

Retired for over 10 years, he is now offering his sought-after premium dot-com Travel, Dating & SharingaHome domain names he still owns for sale, including

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